Virat Kohli scores his third double century

Mumbai : It has been decided once and for all, who is the best batsman in the world now. Virat Kohli’s double century against England on the fourth day of the fourth Test at the Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai on Sunday was more than just a classy knock. It was attestation of his class and form.

The 28-year-old now holds another incredible record – that of being the first Indian captain to score three double hundreds.

All the competition, in the shape of Joe Root, David Warner, Steve Smith and Kane Williamson can now sit back and enjoy the show with the rest of us. This is a champion we are seeing in action.
Three double centuries as skipper in the same year – in the West Indies, against New Zealand at home and now this — is something amazing. But this one he will cherish, given his poor average 13.40 against England before this series. That too if it seals off the series for his side.
Kohli’s body language is never ever in doubt. He is out there to win. If that means taking odd risks and going after the bowling, he will do it. He really does not care about his average, or whether he misses out in the attempt.

So when we talk about his poor average against England, that now is just a figure. He plays for collective stats, not the individual stuff. But such is the nature of the game that it always needs a collection of individual achievements to get to that collective success.
Kohli crossed the average of 50, a defined milestone in a potentially great career, on Saturday evening. Now, he is going to go ahead in the really big league.