Video: Performance Target is set for Ministers & Bureaucrats – Devendra Fadnavis

CM Fadnavis

Nagpur: Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis, known for his clean image and as powerful BJP leader as well as a master strategist in a special interview with Chief Editor of ‘Maharashtra Today’ spoke of a novel thing that has been done in Maharashtra, that is of setting KRAs (Key Result Areas) every year. Under this targets are set for the ministers and Bureaucrats. Minister and Secretary have sit and discuss and then give their opinion on it. They simply cannot say that a thing cannot be done they have to give reason as to why it cannot be done.

Chief Minister said, he reviews the targets given to ministers and bureaucrats after a year and gives his comment on it. He was happily said that 85 per cent KRAs were achieved this way.

Talking about corruption he said, though there are many things to be developed in our country, yet till now the country remains undeveloped. Then main reason behind it is corruption and black money.

Expressing his views over corruption and black money, he said, ‘Operation is must if the disease has to be uprooted. Don’t wait for the wound to spread and instead of treating the disease better operate upon it. It is the same thing what Modi has done.’