Is TMC Commissioner a Super Cop ?

TMC Commissioner Sanjeev Jaiswal

Thane: The incident of ruthlessly beating up an aide of BJP MLA Sanjay Kelkar during the Thane Muncipal Corporation demolition drive has snowballed into a thick controversy as the cops ruled out any role into the alleged incident. BJP worker Parikshit Dhume, also an office manager of Kelkar was manhandled and beaten up badly by the officials. Now questions are being raised over the whimsical attitude of TMC Commissioner Sanjeev Jaiswal who have been allegedly devising his own ways to crack down on the encroachments.

Talking to Maharashtra Today, Thane DCP Lokhande said that there was no involvement of cops in beating up Dhume. “There was no force used by the police in this particular case. If there was any forcible thrashing done in the case then the victim can approach the cop and we will verify in the matter,” he said. Now that DCP has confirmed no role of police in beating of Dhume, it’s evident that private security was used by Commisioner & this supports victims allegations .

Recently a huge lodge was also razed during the drive. There has been contradictory reports over the number of rooms being illegally operated. While Jaiswal stated that he has demolished 290 rooms the DCP Lokhande on the other hand informed something else. Lokhande officially confirmed that when they raided the lodge back in 2014, there were just 51 rooms. “We had raided the place on the complaint of alleged sexual activities in the lodge. At that time we found 51 rooms in the lodge.”

With the statement of Lokhande, suspicion is being raised over the statement of Jaiswal. Meanwhile senior officer on condition of anoymity said that Jaiswal has misused his powers. He should have informed police to first investigate spot. Indirectly Jaiswal has helped them to wipe out all evidences of illegal activity in Satyam lodge owner’s favour & now it would be virtually impossible to frame charges against the Satyam lodge .