Three petrol pumps to be set up in Sindhudurg by Police force

Sindhudurg : Three new petrol pumps will be started in the district by the police forces. The pumps will be set up in the limits of Auros, Sawantwadi and Kankavli Police Stations and it will be open for the public as well. The benefit of these petrol pumps will be deposited in the Welfare Fund of the Sindhudurg Police Force.

A survey was conducted by the of the senior police officials of the petrol pump land that was being constructed by Bharat Petroleum Company in the police station area. It is known that this petrol pump will soon be opened. Sindhudurg police force has many vehicles. These vehicles are fuelled by thousands of rupees per day from private petrol pumps daily.

However, due to the newly built petrol pumps, the money will remain with the police force. There is speculation that all the vehicles of the police will fill petrol from the same pump. However, this petrol pump will be kept open to all vehicle holders and not limited to police forces only.

The profit will be deposited in the Welfare Fund of the police. The police welfare fund gets accumulated in other districts. Its ratio is much bigger in the industrial area. It has been found that many donors are also being assisted by this fund.