Techie murder : Antara’s parents trying to get details from landlady

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Pune : The gruesome murder of software engineer Antara Das has sent shock waves among the community of professionals in Pune. Antara was murdered by an unidentified biker near her work place. Antara’s parents were at the double-storeyed house located in Sector 25 of Sindhunagar locality in Nigdi to collect her belongings on Monday. Her parents recalled her memories which showed that Antara was a private person who kept to herself. She did not speak much either to her room-mates in her paying guest accommodation or to her landlady in Pune.

In their conversation with her landlady, they wanted to know whether she knew if Antara had been getting calls, if she was harassed and appeared disturbed in the last 45 days.

The landlady, who is a senior citizen, was closely guarded by her daughter who came from Mumbai after hearing about the murder.

” Had she told us about the problem, we would have helped her,” the daughter said.

“Antara had come with a friend and we gave her the place to stay on rent. She was reclusive and interacted very little with us. But we never had any problems with her and she was always good. She shared the room with two other women and, according to them, she didn’t speak much to them either. She kept to herself most of the time, but used to talk to her family very often,” the lady was quoted as saying by a leading newspaper.

Another woman in the house said they were shocked by the murder. “She seemed hard working and paid her rent on time and behaved well ,” she said.The landlady said they came to know about the murder from one of Antara’s room-mates.