Take Measures to Stop Pollution In Taloja Industrial Area- Justice V. M. Kanade

V. M. Kanade

Mumbai: A retired judge of Mumbai High Court and Chairman of Taloja Monitoring Committee, V. M. Kanade today directed to take immediate steps to stop the pollution of industrial area in Taloja.

On the complaint of Arvind Mhatre regarding the pollution , a meeting was organized in Indian Merchant Chamber in regards of Waste Water Processing Project and pollution in the industrial area of Taloja.

Mr. Kanade said, there has been a significant increase in pollution in the Taloja Industrial Estate. It is causing problems to the general public. For this, there is a need to implement combined sewerage scheme in a modernized manner. Since chemical water is being released in the Kasaradi river, a health issue has been created. Besides, due to the increase of air pollution in the area, wildlife and animals also suffer along with human beings. For the next six months, all entrepreneurs will try to reduce the air and water pollution. The Pollution Control Board should keep control by time to time monitoring .

Central Pollution Control Board member Prasun Gargwa, Regional Officer of Maharashtra Pollution Control Board Dr. Anant Harshvardhan, members of the Taloja Manufacturing Association, Taloja Industrial Association, members of the Collective Waste Water Treatment Association and senior officials of the Maharashtra Pollution Control Board were also present on the occasion.