Swipe at Big Bazaar to get Rs 2k from today


MT Bureau

Pune: The State Bank of India customers can now withdraw up to Rs 2,000 from their own bank accounts using their debit ATM cards at all Big Bazaar outlets in the city and across the country from Thursday.

SBI has helped Big Bazaar launch this facility through the bank’s cash at point-of-sale (POS) machines. Customers can withdraw cash from their bank accounts in any scheduled bank in the country.

Customers can visit the dedicated cash counter at any of the seven Big Bazaar stores here, swipe their debit ATM cards in POS machines, enter the PIN and take up to Rs 2,000 from the store’s cash counter. The facility is also available at Brand Factory stores in Pune and other cities.

On whether Big Bazaar will have that much cash to dispense, the official said, “It has been several days since demonetisation, and as per RBI figures, there is now enough cash in the market. Dispensing cash will not be a problem for Big Bazaar,“ the SBI official said. Big Bazaar will get a small transaction fee, the official added.

Kishore Biyani, chairman of Future Retail Limited, and the founder of Big Bazaar, said, “We are trying hard to ease the difficulties being faced by customers due to the demonetisation and support the government’s initiative in meeting its objective. Now, customers are welcome to visit our stores instead of queuing up outside banks and ATMs.“

A spokesperson from Big Bazaar said the facility is available in 258 Big Bazaar and FBB stores, 32 central stores and 52 Brand Factory stores across 115 cities across the country. Manju Agarwal, Deputy Managing Director, (Corporate Strategy and New Business), SBI told sources that the bank has enabled PoS machines at close to 3.40 lakh locations, including the Big Bazaar stores.

“Of these, 2.30 lakh have been enabled to dispense cash using the PoS machines. This arrangement was already in place earlier, but was not being used,“ Agarwal said.

Agarwal added, “However, after demonetization, a need arose to use this for the benefit of the customers.Therefore, enabling this system at Big Bazaar stores is part of our drive to activate this facility at various outlets with PoS machines.“