Swachh abhiyan in Dhule village turns out to be a money business


Dhule: It has always been a struggle for the villagers in Dhule district in Maharashtra to avoid pits in district.

An nd they are very much excited, when a sarpanch of Jalod village approached them to dig small pits near their huts and the sarpanch also agreed to pay Rs.300 for their efforts.

And when a contractor came to construct a superstructure made of cement over these pits. And the contractor asked them to put their thumb impression on a piece of paper and went away. Now the villagers are in dilemma that what to do with these structure that have come up overnight at every home.
And as per the government record, Jalod has been taking steps towards fulfilling Prime Minister’s dream of open defecation in India by October 2, 2019.

But the tribal population comprising Pawaras and Bhils in Jalod has not been able to figure out why Sarpanch and his contractor have been insisting on constructing toilets. They are also not aware of Swachh Bharat Mission and ignorant about the government scheme that every household will get Rs. 12000 to every household in rural areas for building toilets.

A close look at the toilets and superstructures in Jalod village reveals that the toilets have been shabbily constructed and the cost of each structure would not more than Rs.2000-Rs.3000.
Senior officials working with state government’s admitted that many Sarpanch in rural areas had joined hands with contractors and were constructing substandard toilets.