Suicide of Pooja: Minister should be booked immediately

Pooja Chavan

The suicide of 22-year old social media star Pooja Chavan took an unusual turn when a minister from Vidarbha was dragged into the entire episode and the BJP demanded a detailed investigation.

The BJP took an aggressive stand on it on Friday, with state leader of opposition Devendra Fadnavis and city-based BJP leaders seeking a detailed investigation. Police, however, claimed that they have received no clues, even as the audio clips went viral online.

On the other hand, it was said that five days after the suicide of Pooja Chavan, Wanawadi police have received audio recordings of two people allegedly connected with the case. But police are reluctant to take action as one senior minister from the Uddhav Thackeray cabinet is involved in the case.

In fact, it’s a shame for the MVA government as few days ago, another minister was dragged into an extra-material relations and a police case was also registered against him. However, the concerned lady later withdrew the case.

Last month, the president of state youth wing of NCP was in the news for molesting a woman who approached him for a job at Aurangabad. And there are several such stories where members of ruling parties are involved in such incidents.

Pooja, a resident of Beed, had come to Pune recently to attend a spoken English course. She was quite popular on social networks, especially TikTok. Cops said Pooja was living in Wanawadi with her brother and his friend. On February 8, she reportedly committed suicide by jumping from a building at Heaven Park Society. Wanawadi police registered an accidental death case. Soon after, rumours about the involvement of a minister in the death and his link-up with the deceased were rife.

Pune police quashed these, saying her family has submitted a statement saying the girl died by suicide due to her mental illness. So, said cops, they had no complaint from or against anyone. But, when the audio clips went viral, a political free-for-all began over Pooja’s death.

On Wednesday, BJP women’s cell president Archana Patil also met Pune commissioner of police, Amitabh Gupta and sought a detailed investigation. She alleged, “It is suspicious that a 22-year-old girl came to the city and ended her life within a week. In such a short time, what disturbed and troubled her to take such an extreme step? Was she pressured by someone or is this really a suicide? We have heard the name of a minister associated with this on social media and his audio recordings have also gone viral. Police should find out who it. But, it has been more than four days and there is still no progress in the probe. There have to be some connections between the deceased and the minister. But, because there is tremendous political pressure on Pune police, they are not investigating properly.”

It was said that Pooja was living with two youths and investigation revealed that they are not her brothers. It is expected from the police that they should at least call and interrogate them. Whether she committed suicide or someone pushed her off, a detailed probe is required anyway. Otherwise, there is no use of implementing new laws like the Shakti Act for women’s safety.

Indeed, there is a need for a detailed inquiry into the case. The minister, who is involved in the case, is now missing and his mobile number is also switched off. People suspect that this matter would also be suppressed as earlier a case of a cabinet minister and president of youth wing of NCP were covered up!

M Charulata

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