Stop Muck Raking

Stop Muck Raking

Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi cut a sorry figure when he chose to fling personal and flimsy allegations of corruption at Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Speaking at a rally in Gujarat’s Mehsana on Wednesday , Rahul made claims of Modi receiving money from the Sahara and Birla groups. This claim has already been rejected by the Supreme Court last month, which said the documents produced by lawyer-activist Prashant Bhushan in the case were “zero“, “fictitious“ and “not authentic“.
Earlier Rahul sought to build political momentum riding on the pain of demonetisation, when he said he had proof against the PM which would cause an “earthquake“ if he spoke in Parliament.But the earthquake proved, in the end, a damp squib ­ based on frivolous charges that have been in the public domain for the past few months. Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal had first raised the issue in the middle of last month, in the state assembly . Kejriwal’s party AAP is well known for its shoot-and-scoot politics of unsubstantiated muck raking.

But for the leader of a national party with a long legacy in admini stration this is irresponsible, intemperate and self-defeating.

Rahul might have had the political purpose of throwing around muck in the hope that some of it might stick, but in that process he has undermined his own credibility . His remarks could also border on defamation. There is little wisdom in following in the footsteps of a small, anti-systems party that espouses guerrilla tactics such as AAP , as AAP can always stay ahead in this game. Indeed, Kejriwal has wasted no time in twisting the knife: he has raised the pertinent question of why the previous UPA government did not act against the corruption and money transfer, since it was at the Centre when those events allegedly took place.

Rahul has spoken admiringly of AAP several times, but to find his mojo he needs to be himself and not Kejriwal. If he is serious about his charges against Modi, he should knock on the doors of courts and submit evidence to lend credence to his charges.And in case he isn’t, there are always more pressing issues such as demonetisation pangs on which he can attack the government.Muck raking isn’t going to take Congress places in national politics.It’s time to put an end to it.

(Courtesy :Times of India, Dec 23, 2016)