Spl Article: Sanjay Raut continues to spread venom against BJP and now PMO

Sanjay Raut

Kangana Ranaut versus Sanjay Raut controversy continues to rage in the state and shows no sign of ending it. The vocal journalist-cum-politician Raut on Monday fired a fresh salvo at the BJP on the issue and now accused the Prime Minister’s Office for supporting Kangana.

It seems that Raut, who said that the matter of Bollywood actress was ended from his end, practically wants to continue it for his selfish political goal. In an interview to a Marathi news channel, the vocal Sena leader said, “The PMO and the entire government are supporting this person (Kangana).” The statement comes after Ranaut left for her hometown in Manali on Monday.

However, neither the Rajya Sabha member nor the journalist, who was taking the interview, was discussing why Kangana continued to highlight her insecurity about being in Mumbai and claimed that the Mumbai administration has become a terror. Moreover, the journalist was also not asking why Kangana suddenly expressed her reservation about Mumbai police and why Raut unnecessarily involved into the controversy. Why Kangana reacted so sharply against Raut and Sena leaders, and what are the reasons that Raut involved into the controversy? These could have been the subjects of the interview. But these issues were cleverly ignored and what Raut wanted were only highlighted in the interview.

Interestingly, when the Hindi channel of same group was targeting the BMC and Raut for their outburst and actions against the Bollywood actress, its Marathi channel is targeting Kangana. On Sunday Raut had also accused the BJP of supporting the actor despite comparing Mumbai to Pak-occupied Kashmir. He also said that it was being done for the upcoming Bihar elections. The Sena mouthpiece ‘Saamana’ claimed that there is a systematic effort to reduce the importance of Mumbai. In his article, Raut alleged that constantly defaming the city is part of that conspiracy. Ranaut then hit back at Raut and asked instead of protecting her, should Shiv Sena goons be allowed to abuse her?

When Raut had realised that saffron party’s image and credibility are under cloud following the action of BMC against the actress’s office at Bandra, later assaulting of an ex-army officer by Sena activists and his “irrational outbursts” against the actress, the shrewd politician emotionally appealed the MNS leader Raja Thackeray and others to bail them out!
“Not one Maharashtra BJP leader was sad over the manner in which the state has been humiliated,” Raut said, and emotionally appealed to Marathi manoos to unite and back Thackeray in this difficult time.

Calling ‘Thackeray’ and ‘Pawar’ the brands of Maharashtra’s self-esteem, Raut said: “There is a conspiracy to destroy these brands and take control of Mumbai. The MNS chief Raj Thackeray is also a component of the same brand and he may also get affected in future. Though there may be differences with the Shiv Sena, the ‘Thackeray’ brand should have a strong presence in Mumbai and the day it collapses, Mumbai will start to collapse,” he further said. Will the people of the state justify such silly arguments? It seems countdown has begun for the Sena in Maharashtra!