Spl Article: Rahul again playing politics on China-India border row at a time of crisis

Rahul Gandhi-CONGRESS

Even after the Congress youth icon, Rahul Gandhi, ridiculed the Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the statement of Defence minister Rajnath Singh in Parliament on China’s “encroachment” in Ladakh, the Defence minister made a strong warning to the neighbouring country and asserted that India is “very serious about issues of sovereignty” and the country is prepared for “all contingencies” to ensure that it is maintained.

Vehemently and articulating the country’s position on the tense border row with China, Singh on Tuesday said Beijing has been very clearly conveyed that any attempt to “unilaterally” change the status quo along the LAC is not at all acceptable, and that India’s armed forces are ready to deal with “all contingencies” in the high-altitude region. Making a statement in Lok Sabha, Singh said he would not hesitate to share that India is facing a “challenge” in Ladakh but at the same time added that the House should have “full confidence” that the armed forces will always rise to the challenge and make the country proud.

However, Singh could not satisfy the Congress and its leader Rahul, who again resorted to make “false propaganda” to malign the Modi government just for the sake of opposition only. Interestingly, Congress ex-president questioned Singh without attending the Parliament and made the “tweet” from aboard.

In a tweet, the Congress leader said, “It is clear from the Defence Minister’s statement that Modiji has misled the country on China’s encroachment. Our country has always rallied behind the Indian Army and it will do so in the future. But Modiji, when will you stand up to China? When will you take our land back? Don’t be afraid of taking China’s name?” Gandhi has been attacking PM Modi over their handling of the stand-off with China, which had transgressed along the LAC – the de factor border – in May. Gandhi, the former Congress chief, has often claimed that PM Modi is afraid of the Chinese.

The Defence minister today also told in Parliament that in what was seen as a strong warning to China amid repeated transgressions at the Line of Actual Control. Detailing a key meeting in Moscow between him and his Chinese counterpart, Singh said he made it clear that India wants to resolve this issue in a peaceful manner and “want the Chinese side to work with us”. But “there should also be no doubt about our determination to protect India’s sovereignty and territorial integrity,” Singh said. In his speech, the Defence minister said that India still is committed to the peaceful resolution of the current situation. “At the same time, the House can be assured that we remain prepared to deal with all contingencies,” he added.

The senior minister had also said the border issue with China remains unresolved as China, historically, “does not recognise the current boundary.” China continues to be in illegal occupation of approximately 38,000 sq km in the Union Territory of Ladakh, he said, adding the county is prepared for all contingencies. He also added that China had made several attempts to transgress the LAC in other parts of the Western Sector in mid-May. There have been several rounds of military-level and ministerial talks with China over the situation at the LAC. The only measure taken by the Chinese side to ease tension was its withdrawal from Galwan Valley, the site of the June clash, and some other areas. Earlier this month, China tried to close in on Indian positions on the South Bank of Ladakh’s Pangong Lake and fired shots in the air. The Indian forces thwarted the attempt.

The Congress and its leaders, particularly Rahul Gandhi should not politicise the Indo-China clash for a greater interest of the country. Instead, country should be united on the issue.
Earlier, the BSP chief Mayawati criticised the Congress for ‘playing dirty politics’ on the India-China standoff. Along with China, the border dispute with other neighbouring country Nepal is now taking a very serious turn. In such a situation, all political parties should rise above politics and think in the interest of the country. Will Rahul Gandhi take a lesson from Mayawati, who once his party’s one of the allies?