Spl Article: AIIMS report on Sushant Singh confuses many

AIIMS - Sushant Singh Rajput

What went wrong with the AIIMS forensic report of Sushant Singh Rajput when the chairman of its medical board, Dr Sudhir Gupta, claimed that actor Rajput was “murdered” in an audio clip while the report submitted to the CBI on Saturday ruled out murder and called it a case of hanging and death by suicide.

In its report, the panel of AIIMS forensic experts has ruled out murder claims and called it a case of hanging and death by suicide, rejecting the claims of poisoning and strangling made by the actor’s family and their lawyer. There were no injuries on the body other than hanging. There were no marks of struggle or scuffle on the body and clothes of the deceased, said the report, quoting the board members. The medical board of AIIMS forensic experts, headed by Dr Gupta, was set up in August after the CBI requested it to look into the medical files related to Rajput’s death, study the autopsy and viscera reports and give an expert medical opinion in the case.

On the other hand, in a leaked audio tape, Dr Gupta claimed that the actor didn’t die by suicide but was murdered. The medical board chief had reportedly made the statement after looking at the pictures of Rajput. Dr Gupta’s leaked audio admission contradicts the medical team’s findings submitted to the Central Bureau of Investigation on Saturday.

However, the new findings come as a powerful weapon for the ruling Shiv Sena which targetted its opponents that there was a conspiracy to malign the image of Maharashtra and Mumbai Police since the beginning of the case. An enthusiastic Sena leader and its spokesman Sanjay Raut questioned those who suspected that Sushant Singh death was due to murder and raised questions on the investigation carried out by Mumbai Police in this matter. He also stated that the Dr. Sudhir Gupta, the head of AIIMS Forensic Medical Board, who submitted the report, has no political connection or any links to the ruling Shiv Sena and reiterated that there was a conspiracy to malign the image of Maharashtra and Mumbai Police.

Raut has accused the Opposition of using the family of Sushant Singh Rajput for political gain in the ensuing Bihar Assembly election.

The Mumbai police also hit back against the opponents on the issue. It challenged the people who criticised them to come out and reveal what they know as the investigation was confidential. “We are not at all surprised by this. It was the finding of the team of Cooper Hospital as well,” reacted Parambir Singh, the commissioner of police, Mumbai.

If the report reveals that it was a suicide case, why its director of the medical team, Dr Gupta claimed earlier that Sushant was murdered. No one should politicise the matter, but truth should come out so that Sushant Singh family get the justice! The AIIMS should not confuse people but convince them on the issue!

 – M Charulata