Social Media is Supplement to Enrich Your Expression – Vinod Tawde

First Marathi Social Media Conference Inaugurated

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Mumbai : Social media is not a medium of entertainment and time-wastage , but it is observed that the creation of good values, rich thinking and positive discussion on various topics is done through it. Marathi Language Minister Vinod Tawde said that social media is a complementary tool to enrich our expression.

The first Marathi Social Media Conference has been organized at the Yashwantrao Chavan Pratishthan, Mumbai on 17 and 18 August 2019 as the joint venture of Directorate General of Information and Public Relations, Marathi Language Department, Maharashtra Cyber, State Marathi Development Institute and Pune’s Digital Media Lovers Group. The conference was inaugurated by Marathi Language Minister Vinod Tawde today. Ajay Ambekar, Director of Directorate General of Information and Public Relations, Sameer Athalye of Digital Media Lovers Group Association, Mangesh Wagh, Pradeep Lokhande and othets were present on the occasion.

Speaking at the First Social Media Conference, Mr. Tawde said that social media has played an important role in the decentralization of information and knowledge. Due to social media, today Marathi people all over the world have come together and have strengthened relations with Marathi. In the coming days, efforts will be made to bring together literary and writers on the social media through the Marathi Language Department. The state government is supporting the First Social Media Conference and in the coming years more efforts will be made to make sicial media more powerful.

Organizing Marathi Social Media Conference is the need of the hour. Many people put a question whether the content that is put on social media today should be considered as literature or not. Being the Marathi Language Minister, I assure you that the content that is put on social media is a kind of literature. Today’s youth are able to express themselves better through social media . The latest example of this is the recent floods in Sangli, Satara and Kolhapur. The news of this flood was covered by electronic media, but on social media, various information and news were seen. Therefore, we cannot deny the existence of social media. The social media now is not a matter of entertainment for the younger generation, but it has the power to change the governance system.

Two years ago, on the occasion of Marathai Language Day , there was a call to write a page for Wikipedia. There was a very positive response for this. There is a need to spread the views and content expressed on social media to more people. Shri Vinod Tawde expressed that due to interest in social media, today’s youth power will be attracted towards reading and reading newspapers.

Ajay Ambekar, the Director of Directorate General of Information and Public Relations, put introduction during the inaugural session of theConference Mr. Ambekar said that social media, which has contributed significantly to the transformation of the general public, should be used for positive and constructive work. New and innovative mediums are also being used by the Directorate General of Information and Public Relations. The importance of social media, the power of social media should lead to more and more creative work in Marathi. As the Marathi Language Conference has reached the global level today similarly, Marathi Social Media Conference will reach globally in coming period.

Mangesh Wagh outlined the two-day conference and said that there are three objectives of the First Social Media Conference. They are – In Marathi, more and more good topics should be discussed on social media, it should be discussed what should be and what not and the mental, social and commercial purpose of social media.

Live streaming is being done of the First Marathi Social Media Conference to be held today ( The two-day conference includes debates, interviews, entertainment programmes, poetry recitations, discussion sessions etc.

The aim of the conference is to encourage Marathi writers, poets, actors, painters, photographers and thinkers and enrich the Marathi language through social, linguistic and artistic exchange.