Shiv Sena wants direct confrontation with Governor

bhagat singh koshyari - uddhav thackeray

Mumbai : After demanding to recall the Maharashtra Governor Bhagat Singh Koshyari, now the Shiv Sena said that there was an “open war” between the Uddhav Thackeray government and the Governor Koshyari. The Sena Rajya Sabha member and party spokesman accused Maharashtra governor Koshyari of blocking several decisions taken by the state government due to “political pressure”. He claimed that an “open war” is going on between Raj Bhavan and the Maharashtra government due to pressure from the BJP and accused the Centre of using Governor BS Koshyari to “pressurise” and “destabilise” the state government.

The Sena leader said, “It’s not a cold war.” The cold war is carried out clandestinely. This is an open war. Raj Bhavan is being used for political purposes by BJP, the vocal Rajya Sabha member accused.

According to him, because of the political pressure, the governor was not giving approval for certain decisions of the Maharashtra government. He said that the Koshyari was yet to appoint the 12 members nominated to the Legislative Council by the government. “Their terms come to an end in the sixth year,” Raut pointed out and said that valuable time of their tenure has been lost. “Who is responsible for this delay because of political pressure?” the Sena leader asked.

Raut said that the governor was constitutionally bound to act on the advice of ministers. “If this is true, then is this not a case of violation of the Constitution?” Raut asked. This means the governor is working under political pressure. Hence this is an open war, not a cold war, he further said.