Sewri TB hospital: Senior citizen commits suicide

Mumbai : A senior citizen (65) ended his life on Saturday by slitting his throat in the Sewri TB hospital.

The suicide came to light around 9.45am when a doctor conducting checks of wards observed that Sukhdev Pandey was not responding, RAK Marg police said.
The patient, who was operated for colorectal cancer in 2014, was a few days ago diagnosed with milary TB, a rare form of TB in which the bacteria spreads throughout the body through blood.

The death broke a two-year-long suicide-free spell in the hospital. Until a few years ago, Sewri TB Hospital used to witness a suicide every month because anti-TB drugs are known to induce depression. This changed when, in 2014, the BMC appointed psychiatrists and counsellors to help patients deal with depression.
Senior inspector Bhagwat Bhansode said a case of suicide has been registered but the police are carrying out probe to find out any foul play.