Sena criticises Congress for nominating Sonia as its chief


Mumbai: The ruling Shiv Sena on Tuesday vehemently criticised the Congress for nominating Sonia Gandhi as its interim president and described the decision of the century-old party as “inhuman.”

In its editorial, Saamana, the mouthpiece of Sena said that forcing Sonia Gandhi (73), who has been keeping unwell, to take charge of the grand old party should be seen as a big failure.

The newspaper editorial said that Rahul Gandhi must be given the credit for not budging from his stand that the next party president should be from outside the Gandhi family. Rahul had resigned from the post of Congress president after the party suffered a humiliating loss in the Lok Sabha elections. Despite repeated appeals from top party leaders and workers, he remained firm on his decision of not continuing on the post.

The editorial said, “It is important that despite continuous requests and appeals Rahul Gandhi didn’t change his mind. He had said that if Congress has to grow it must leave the crutches of the Gandhi family to learn to stand on its own.”

The mouthpiece pointed out that Rahul Gandhi had even rejected the idea of Priyanka Gandhi being given the charge of the party. “The party should have respected his decision. The Congress failed to find a leader for itself even after 75 days and 73-year-old Sonia was made the party’s interim president,” it said and pointed out that Sonia had resigned from the party chief citing her health issues.