Sena again attacks BJP just for sake of opposing

Shivsena & BJP

It seems that the ruling Shiv Sena rarely fails to attack the BJP on any issue. On Wednesday it mocked the BJP for the “sacrifice” of giving CM’s post in Bihar to a party which stood third, while denying the same to the Sena after the Maharashtra assembly elections held in October last year !

Pointing out that the BJP bagged 74 seats, while its ally JD (U) won 43 in the state elections held recently, the Sena said that the RJD emerged as the single largest party with 75 seats in the 243- member Assembly. After the Assembly polls in Maharashtra last year, the BJP won 105 seats, while its then ally Shiv Sena bagged 54. The two parties, however, parted ways following differences over sharing the chief ministerial post.

Over ambitious Sena, led by its chief Uddhav Thackeray later joined hands with the NCP and Congress to form government in Maharashtra, ditching its ally, BJP for the power. The Shiv Sena was not given the chief minister’s post in Maharashtra after BJP got more seats. But gave the crown of chief minister’s post to the party which was relegated to third position in Bihar. What generosity, the Sena said while ridiculing the BJP.

The Sena, however, failed to understand that during the state elections in Maharashtra, the then both allies—the BJP and Sena–projected Devendra Fadnavis as the chief minister and similarly, in Bihar elections, Nitish Kumar was projected as the chief minister if the allies came in power. Here the BJP kept its promise by nominating Nitish Kumar as the chief minister after the result even though the BJP got the maximum seats. On the other hand, the Sena ditched the BJP just to grab power. People of the country had seen that the party which was founded by the “Hindu Hruday Samrat” Balasaheb Thackeray compromised with the NCP and Congress which were once its arch ideological rivals.

Now time has come that Sena needs to do some introspection. We know that the ruling Thackeray party would not understand the ground reality and it continues to attack the BJP on “silly reasons” without any rational reasons in coming days. Now the Sena opposes the BJP just for the sake of opposing.

M Charulata