Revolutionary Changes in Future Due to 3D Technology – Desai

Mumbai: There will be major revolutionary changes in the field of health, auto, aero space, jewelery and construction due to three-dimensional printing technology (3D printing) . Industry Minister Subhash Desai said that the State Government would formulate a policy to adopt this changing technology. He was speaking at the 3D Printing World Conference organized at Mumbai.

Speaking as the Chief Guest of the conference, Shree Desai said that 3D printing technology will help to simplify many complex issues. This technology will be of great help to the dentists in the field of health. 3D printing technology will be of special benefit to reducing human error. The State Government will use the new technology for positive work. A few days back, the state government has adopted e-Vehicle Policy. It will be used according to the area in which 3D printing technology is required. Even the impossible things will be possible now due to 3D printing technology , Shree Desai said at this time.

In the next five years, 3D printing technology will be revolutionized, according to the presentation.

At this time, Dr. Mansingh Pawar of the Government Dental College, Trinity Media CEO Shibu John and other dignitaries were present.