Response as “Yes Sir or Madam” in School attendance will be a thing of the past

School attendance
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Jalgaon: Change in the generations can be seen from students when called out by their names at the school use to response with ‘Yes Sir or Madam’. The days are over for attendance responds to the class teacher.

The use of modern technology is being adopted by the schools in the town for counting the presence of the student in the classes through ‘biometric device’. Vivekananda Foundation School of Shanbhag has adopted the use of ‘biometric devices’ for counting/ascertaining the presence of the student.

Modern technology adoption has now made compulsory for schools would start with the computer education. Urban areas are more developed in terms of going forward, but a lot of technology is needed to be developed in schools.

Many schools have become Paperless. This has increased the use of technology in other works too. After the introduction of the mobile phone into the hands of the children to be a smart student, the schools also needs to becoming ‘smart’.