Resolution adopted by Congress Working Committee


Wardha: The Congress Working Committee (CWC) is meeting today at Sevagram as we begin the 150th year celebrations of Mahatma Gandhi’s Birth Anniversary. Sevagram was Bapu’s historic karmabhoomi for over a decade from the time he set up his ashram there in April 1936.

At the end of its intensive nine day meeting at Sevagram, the CWC on July 14, 1942, adopted the ‘Quit India’ resolution demanding immediate independence for our country. The Quit India Movement launched a month later under the leadership of Mahatma Gandhi was an unprecedented, spontaneous peoples’ uprising to bring freedom for our country from colonial rule.

The CWC underscores the blatant hypocrisy of the RSS that vilified and rejected Mahatma Gandhi during his lifetime, and which today has brazenly proclaimed itself to be his champion. It is its ideology that was responsible for spreading the atmosphere of hate that led to the Mahatma’s tragic assassination.

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The CWC also paid tribute to Former Prime Minister and Gandhian, Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri on his birth anniversary. The CWC noted that ‘Jai Jawan, Jai Kisan’ is not a slogan but a cardinal principle of faith for the Congress party.

Today, a new freedom struggle is the urgent need of the hour – a massive movement to combat the forces of divisiveness and prejudice, to confront the Modi government whose politics is the politics of threat and intimidation, the politics of polarization and
divisiveness, the politics of crushing debate and dissent, the politics of imposing an artificial uniformity in a nation of extraordinary diversity, the politics of hate and vendetta, the politics of subverting all Constitutional values, principles and practices, the politics of lies, deceit, fraud and subterfuge.

The CWC notes that appropriating Mahatma’s legacy may be politically expedient for some, but imbibing his principles and values in thought, word and deed is impossible for those who see in the Mahatma only electoral opportunities. One may borrow the Mahatma’s spectacles for publicity campaigns, but implementing his vision will remain
unfulfilled unless his principles are followed. The CWC resolves to expose the hollowness and doublespeak of the ideologies and organisations who have never believed in, let alone followed the Gandhian path of truth, tolerance, harmony and non-violence.

The Mahatma sacrificed his life to neutralize the venom of communalism in India. Less than six weeks after his death, with the nation still grieving, Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru met many prominent leaders as well as colleagues of Gandhiji in Sevagram, and urged for unity and commonality of purpose to address the fundamental issues dividing
India. Pandit Nehru asserted, “confronting danger and facing up to adversity is the Congress way”. That message of his is all the morerelevant today for our mighty organisation.

The CWC underlines that it is only the Indian National Congress that truly embodies the ethos of ‘Bharat’ that is fundamentally inclusive, liberal, secular and assimilation of India’s plurality and diversities. It is only the Congress that is deeply committed to the
principles of justice, liberty, equality, and fraternity, laid down in the Preamble of the Constitution. The CWC resolves that this fundamental message must be renewed and propagated to all corners of India, especially to the younger generation, by every member of the Congress party.

Most importantly, the CWC takes inspiration from the Mahatma’s unyielding commitment to listen to every voice, to defeat the forces that are today dominating the will of the people. Elections will come and go. But the ideological battle has to be relentless and unswerving. The CWC rededicates the Indian National Congress to this sacred task.

The CWC calls upon the entire nation to fearlessly defend and uphold India’s foundational values and idea of India, which Mahatma Gandhi stood for, lived for and even sacrificed his life for.

The CWC calls upon all countrymen and women, particularly the young, to determinedly fight the politics of fear, intimidation, lies and deception- ‘To never bend, to never stop; till we achieve our goal.’