Rane dares Chavan to act against him after poll rout

Mumbai : Former chief ministers Narayan Rane and Ashok Chavan (both Congress) headed for a clash on Friday when Rane dared Chavan to act against him for speaking against leaders who had failed to lead the party.

“I am speaking for the party . But some people are unhappy about it. If I am wrong or making mistakes, take action against me. I am not bothered,“ Rane said.

He was addressing party workers in Pune at a meeting organized by former MLC Mohan Joshi. “I am not worried about the consequences or about posts. I was chief minister and I don’t aspire for posts. I spoke only because the party is lagging and I want Congress to stand up to the BJP,“ he added.

Rane was referring to his recent statement where he had alleged that Ashok Chavan was giving away party posts to “inefficient“ people who were ready to “pay for the post“.

Chavan had retaliated saying that Rane should be specific about the allegations and speak only at the party forum and not in public. Rane defied Chavan’s advice on Friday when he analyzed the party’s performance. “See what has happened to the party which had over 200 MLAs once. Today , we are reduced to 42 MLAs.Who is responsible for the party’s downfall?“ he asked.

(Courtesy: The Times of India)