Piyus Goyal attacks Thackeray government, says entire system collapsed in Maharashtra

Piyus Goyal attacks Thackeray government

Mumbai: A war of words between the union railway minister Piyus Goyal and the ruling Shiv Sena further intensified on Tuesday when Goyal lashed out at the chief minister Uddhav Thackeray and said that the entire system of Maha-Vikas-government has miserably collapsed in all aspects.

Criticising Thackeray, the union railway minister said that it’s unfortunate to blame the union government and claim that an insufficient number of trains was provided to the state. He dismissed the accusation levelled by Thackeray-led government that Railways was only providing 30-40 trains when it demanded 80 trains to ferry migrant workers to their home states, stating that Uddhav Thackeray government failed to bring passengers for the scheduled 65 trains.

Targetting the state government, the union minister also said that it was completely wrong of the state government’s accusation that the state got 30-40 trains on demand of 80 trains. The situation was that the Maharashtra government could not bring passengers for the scheduled 65 trains, he said.

Attacking the Maharashtra government further he said that the “state government needs to work hard and bring things under control soon.” The entire system has collapsed. And it is unfortunate to accuse the central government of anything, the union minister Goyal said through a tweet.

It should be mentioned here that Thackeray had earlier taken to Facebook and claimed that only 35 to 40 trains were being provided against the Maharashtra government’s demand for an average of 80 trains daily. He said the number of trains from the state may rise if the Railways help the government. Later the Sena spokesman and Rajya Sabha member Sanjay Raut joined him and said that the Centre needs to change its mindset about Maharashtra and see it as a state and not an Opposition government.
As lakhs of migrant workers continue to walk to reach their homes amid the lockdown, the Union government had issued new guidelines last week stating that the schedule, destination and stoppage of Shramik Special trains will be decided by the Ministry of Railways based on requests from States.

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