Passionate youths quit job to start dairy farm in Nashik

Nashik: Sandip Sonawane and Bhushan Pagar, two enthusiastic youth from the city have quit their job to start the first-ever cow farming project of Nashik. And also aims to fight the problem of extinction of Indian cows.

Both had travelled all the way to the Indo-Pak border in Rajasthan in research of Sahiwal breed. Sahiwal is a breed of zebu cattle, primarily used in dairy production. The breed originated from the Sahiwal district of Punjab province in Pakistan and is now under the Rashtriya Gokul Mission.

Sandip said that currently, they have 28 cows, bulls and calves of pure Sahiwal breed. And they are focusing on to breed more and better-quality cows in the next two or three years.

The project is a partnership with his childhood friend and Bhushan, who used to work in a private cooperative society.

As part of their initiative, the duo has launched their own brand ‘Go-Amrut’ and are also selling milk and ghee in the Nashik markets.

Apart from the customer base of over 100 takers daily, they have a long list of 150 Nashikites who are waiting for this milk.

The milk costs worth Rs 70 per litre, while the ghee is sold for Rs 2,500 per kg. Cow urine is sold at Rs 40 per litre.

Unlike exotic breeds from foreign countries, the Sahiwal cattle are understands their food and mineral needs. Only the cows facing mineral deficiency come and lick the mineral brick placed in the farm.

The state government is also encouraging young farmers to conserve desi cows.