Online gambling, police nab twenty three in Wardha

Gambling Den

Wardha: The police have arrested 23 gamblers who made online gambling at Dayal Nagar in the late hours of Sunday and seized material worth of Rs. 15 lakh. Getting the information the police raided the house of Panjawani near Mata Mandir at Dayal Nagar here and found some people involved in online gambling of 3 cards via mobile phones.

The police arrested 23 persons under relevant sections of Mumbai Gambling Act. The cops also seized the cash Rs 6,000, 200 mobile phones, charger, CCTV Camera and other gambling materials collectively Rs.14,95,330 from them. Rajendra Shirtode, PI and his subordinates Vipin Ramteke, Imran Khilchi, Mahadeo Sanap, Gopal Bawankar, Sachin Watkhede and Dattatreya Thombare conducted the raid.