Now Shiv Sena accuses Centre for instigating farmers for violence

Uddhav Thackeray & PM Modi

When cutting across political lines, leaders from almost all political parties expressed anguish over the violence that broke out on January 26 during the tractor rally of farmers, the Shiv Sena on Thursday alleged that the BJP-led central government wanted the farmers to get provoked and turn violent so that their ongoing protest against three new agriculture laws gets maligned.

While the Sena criticised the Narendra Modi government for not handling the farmers agitation sensibly at the same time it also said the violence was not in the national interest and no one will support what happened in the national capital on Republic Day. The Maharashtra BJP, however, termed the Sena’s allegation against the Modi government “baseless”.

The Uddhav Thackeray-led party pointed out that the farmers’ agitation against the three farm laws has been going on in a peaceful manner for the last 60 days. The protesters have been camping on Delhi borders, seeking repeal of the three new laws. There was neither any division among the protesting farmers, nor did they lose their patience. “The central government could not do much about it. It wanted the farmers’ to get provoked and turn violent so that their protest gets maligned. On January 26, its wish came true. But it also brought a bad name to the country,” an irrational judgment was made by the Sena.

It seems that Sanjay Raut edited Samaana, the mouthpiece of Sena, indirectly justified the entire episode while writing an editorial on the issue. The “one-sided” editorial said, “It is easy to say that the farmers took law into their hands. But they have been seeking withdrawal of the farm laws. What about that?” it said and added that it is not correct to blame only the farmers for the violence in Delhi. What the government wanted was brought to reality, but farmers and the police suffered due to it.

The regional party also dragged the BJP in the picture. “Now, BJP has heavily come down on the agitating farmers. The programme to enter Delhi was a pre-planned program and the farmers’ movement has gone into the hands of the terrorists, according to BJP’s intelligence system. The crowd who stirred in the Red Fort was led by a young man named Deep Sidhu. It has been revealed that this Deep Sidhu belongs to the camp of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Home Minister Amit Shah. BJP’s Punjab MP Sunny Deol has a close relationship with Deep Sidhu. Farmer leaders like Rajesh Tikait say that Deep Sidhu had been talking about revolt and separatism for the last two months by entering the crowd of farmers,” it said.

The way it bashes the BJP and the Modi government at the Centre every day without a valid reason, its credibility is now under cloud! Moreover, it becomes a laughing stock for its readers too!

M Charulata

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