Naxals killed 3 villagers in Gadchiroli


Nagpur: The naxalites of south Gadchiroli killed three villagers near Kasansur under Bhamragarh taluka in Gadchiroli district of Maharashtra on suspicion of being police informers.

The district police informed that they were allegedly kidnapped by the naxalites of CPI (Maoist) two days ago, following which they were shot dead and their bodies were found thrown in the open on Tuesday morning. It was said that the Naxalites killed the tribals to take revenge for their alleged involvement in the two encounters with security forces in the forests of Kasnasur-Boriya and Nainer that killed 40 Maoists in April last year.
The villagers who were killed by the naxalite were identified as:

Malla Doge Madavi, Kanna Reenuu Madavi and Lalsu Masa Kudyeti. All of them were residents of Kospundi village in Bhamragarh.

A senior police officer from the district said, around 100 armed Maoists, on Friday night, entered the village brandishing guns and other weapons and rounded up the villagers. They allegedly kidnapped six villagers and took them away. Of the six, three were released and the other three were killed on suspicion of their involvement in the anti-Naxal operations that killed 40 Maoists.”

The south Gadchiroli division committee of Maoists after dumping the bodies on Tuesday morning put up a banner next to them that read, “Our comrades lost their lives. These three informers of police who were responsible for the deaths of 40 of our comrades have been sentenced to death by us.” The rest of the villagers have taken refuge at the police station in Gadchiroli.