Nashik jail’s lifer convicts to shifted to Yerwada, Taloja

Nashik Jail

Nashik : To curb the illegal activities the Nashik Central Jail has decided to move 14 convicts, most of whom are serving life sentences Yerawada and Taloja jails.

A senior official from the jail told sources that the jail administration is also planning to transfer some of the staff to discourage their nexus with inmates.
The official also said that there was a rising threat to the safety and discipline of other inmates as well as the prison staff, as a result of which they had decided to shift these inmates.

The jail has been plagued by incidents of recovery of mobile phones, criminal activities by inmates and rising threat to employees and other inmates.

All these inmates who will be moved to other jails are from Mumbai and surrounding areas and have been very active in the Nashik jail. Most of them have crossed well over five to six years of imprisonment.

The official said that these inmates were involved in various criminal activities in the jail and their presence was being seen as a threat to other inmates as well as the employees.

The official said the administration is also planning to shift some of the prison staff who may have been supplying goods to the inmates. Nobody can enter or leave the jail premises without scrutiny, but mobile phones were still being smuggled in. This means that there exists a network and there was a need break it, the officer said.

They were short of staff by 80 and what they had was not sufficient from the safety and security point of view. They were hopeful of getting staff soon as the process was under way. However, at this point of time they were just planning to get some breather for the existing staff. Hence, the decision to transfer the hardcore criminals, the official said.
A few months ago, the Nashik jail authorities had shifted 20 such inmates to other jails.

Also, seven members of the infamous Tipper Gang from Nashik who had been transferred to other jails on court orders have been brought back to Nashik jail following a court order, the official said.