MSEDCL adopts zero tolerance towards recovery: 14,981 power connects cut

Power Board image

Kolhapur/ Sangali : After consumers failed to pay their bills within the given time frame the Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company Limited (MSEDCL) has cut 14,981 power connections in last 23 days. The MSEDCL is under the financial strain. It has been suffering losses as the recovery is not as per expectations.

The MSEDCL has decided zero pending goals to achieve a healthy financial condition. The Kolhapur zone of MSEDCL comprises Kolhapur and Sangli districts. There are more than 18 lakh residential, commercial and industrial consumers in this belt

Public relation officer of the Kolhapur zone, Vikas Puri said that they have disconnected power connections of more than 14 thousand people in the zone. The number of defaulters is more in Kolhapur district. The number of defaulters in Kolhapur is 9,794 while in Sangli district number it is 5,187. The total default amount is 3.54 crore. The company has adopted zero tolerance towards recovery for achieving the goal of zero pendency.

He further added that would resume the supply once the bills were paid. They normally gave consumers 15 days to pay their bills. If a consumer failed to pay the bill, the connection would be cut off. If they found any customer using the power after disconnection, legal action would be taken against him. This was part of zero pendency drive of the company.

The MSEDCL disconnected 6,435 power connections in a single day on December 23 in Western Maharashtra. The company has appealed to the customer to pay the bills in time to avoid action. The company has also clarified that it reinstates power connection within a day after the dues are paid.