Modi is the loudspeaker of Adani and Ambani: Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi-PM Modi

Nagpur: The former Congress chief Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday accused the Bharatiya Janata Party government in the state and at the centre for being pro-rich and even termed Prime Minister Narendra Modi as the “loudspeaker of Adani and Ambani.”

Speaking in an election rally at Arvi in neighbouring Wardha district, Gandhi said that the government doesn’t care about the jobs for youth or situation of farmers and their families in Vidarbha, but instead talked about rockets landing on Moon and scrapping of Article 370.

Rahul said that farmers are distressed and blamed the BJP government for not doing anything for crisis-ridden farmers in the country and particularly Vidarbha while the UPA government, led by Dr Manmohan Singh had waived over Rs 70,000-crore farm loans in 2006 to bail out the crisis-ridden farmers of the country and particularly Vidarbha.

Attacking the Modi government he said that prevailing unemployment would be doubled within the next six months and youngsters would not get a job unless the Narendra Modi government is removed. The former Congress chief said that Modi and the Maharashtra chief minister Devendra Fadnavis never talk about the prevailing problems, like farmers’ distress, unemployment and other basic issues, but divert people on scrapping of article 370, “Chandrayan” and other non-issues. He speaks everything but not real issues.

Lashing out at the Modi government, he said that the government waived off taxes of big corporates to the tune of Rs 1.25-lakh crore ahead of his visit to the US where he met Donald Trump while his government miserably failed to deposit Rs 6,000, assured during Lok Sabha elections, to the accounts of common man. During Lok Sabha polls, PM Modi promised Rs 6,000 in every bank account. Did anybody got it?’ asks Rahul Gandhi while starting his speech at his speech at Yavatmal rally.

“The government is only for rich as they only take care of Amabanis, Adanis and others. It does not bother about farmers and jobs,” he said and alleged that the Prime Minister does not bother about all these things and has become loudspeaker of Ambani and Adani.