Mockery of law and order situation in Nagpur


Joseph Rao

Once again the issue of rising crime in second capital Nagpur will crop up automatically as a junior lawyer attacked his senior near District and Sessions court Nyaya Mandir.There are ample number of Police men on duty near the Court and a Police Post is set up inside the compound and besides it is under the surveillance of CCTV around the premises.

What is shocking is the attacker carried about five feet rod-axe in his hand and went unnoticed.How is it possible.When you have large number of Policemen in uniform around for bandobust duty and also some plain cloths staff. There is seriously a lapse on part of Police.

The axe is not a small weapon which can be hidden but surprisingly no one saw him before attack. Moreover after the attack, when he was overpowered how can he consume some poisonous substance. The immediate job of the Police is to search him for whether he is carrying any other objectionable thing including firearm.

The top Police officials should besides investigating the attack should also probe the lapses on part of Police.A lot of hue and cry was made some time back over the deteriorating law and order situation than Police came out with statistics to prove there is no truth in the reports. But it has again brought disrepute to city as even the Courts are not safe.

There must be some serious dispute between the two but there is also need for the lawyers’ body to introspect and credentials of juniors who are coming to profession. The decriminalization of politics, police and other fields have already been criticized. Criminals in the disguise of lawyers wearing black coats are a black spot. These black sheep must be driven out.