Minor raped murdered, screwdriver hammered into her head


Wardha :- In a shocking incident, a Class 9 girl from Wardha was allegedly raped and brutally murdered by two boys. One of the two boy who is suspected to the victims boyfriend claimed that the girl wanted to marry immediately.

During the investigation, police found that the duo class 10 students had met her 15 days ago and established physical relations with her. He reportedly tried to make her understand that they cannot marry at this age but the girl disagreed to it and warned him of committing suicide.

As per reports, the boy then took his friend to convince her but she refused to continue a relationship without marriage. After the disagreement, the boys allegedly raped her and tried to strangulate her with a dupatta, but failed. After this, one of the minors held her and the other hammered a screwdriver into her head. Later, they disfigured the girl’s face by smashing her with a stone.

The police have arrested the duo and registered a case under the relevant acts.