Minister Malik’s brother Kaptan Malik brutally beats up labourers

Minister Malik's brother Kaptan Malik brutally beats up labourers

Mumbai : The abuse of power by a Maharashtra cabinet minister’s kin caught on camera. In a shocking visuals, where its seen that the NCP leader and Maharashtra minister Nawab Malik’s brother Kaptan Malik is beating up labourers brutally in Mumbai.

The video showing a Maharashtra senior minister’s relative and a municipal corporator roughing up some unidentified persons. The video, reportedly shot somewhere in Kurla, shows local NCP Municipal Corporator Abdul Rashid alias Kaptan Malik pushing, slapping and threatening at least 3-4 labourers working on a roadside project.

At one point in the video, he allegedly threatened to break their limbs if they were again found indulging in such activities. Kaptan is the brother of Minorities Affairs Minister Nawab Malik, who is a legislator from Kurla, both independent political leaders.


Video Courtesy : Mumbai Tak

Later Kaptan said that the video is around a month old. “I don’t know who has circulated it now and what is their motive. The persons whom I caught red-handed were ”electricity thieves” who were trying to install illegal power meters and Internet fibre lines, looting crores of rupees of public money,” he said.

Kaptan Malik claimed he has all the required evidence against those persons and if he was acting like a bully, then why those “thieves” have not lodged any complaint against him.

People are demanding that the police should take a suo moto action against Kaptan for his behaviour. Being the brother of a influential minister, such criminal act can’t be pardoned, they further pointed out.