Mayor alleges 400 unaccounted COVID-19 deaths in Pune city

Coronavirus Deaths

Pune : Targetting the civic administration, the Pune mayor Murlidhar Mohol alleged that there are at least 400 suspected coronavirus deaths in July, that have gone unaccounted for.

The mayor’s allegation is quite significant after the visit of the chief minister Uddhav Thackeray, who held a review meeting in Pune on the issue of growing cases of COVID-19 in the city.

“My sources say every day, almost 12 suspected deaths are being recorded at Sassoon Hospital alone and there are many such cases in other hospitals. Post the death, when doctors carry out an X-ray test on the body, there are clear symptoms of Covid,” Mohol alleged.

The Pune mayor said that he needed to put this in front of the authorities to save lives. “I don’t want to blame anyone for this situation, but I need to put this fact before the authorities and steps should be taken to save lives. It is also negligence at the citizens’ level as they are rushing to hospital at the last stage,” he said.

However, doctors who are taking care of the COVID-19 patients in Pune city said that fact may be true, cited by Mohol. However, the numbers quoted look exaggerated, they said.
The Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray, who visited Pune on Thursday, reviewed the situation with public representatives, expressing their dis-satisfaction about the handling of the pandemic in the city.

Thackeray had instructed the administration to keep bed information updated and to work to bring down the Covid-19 case rate, along with the case fatality rate in Pune.