Making Warehouses Available to Farmers’ Production Companies – Subhash Deshmukh

proposal Under the Government's Consideration

Making Warehouses Available to Farmers' Production Companies - Subhash Deshmukh

Mumbai: The representatives of the Farmers’ Production Companies have demanded to get the warehouses of the Marketing Corporation, the Warehouse (Vakhar) Corporation, to farmers for the storage of farming products and for processing the produce. Cooperative Minister Subhash Deshmukh said today that it is under consideration of the government to give the ware houses to Farmers’ Production Companies for use after taking review of the condition of ware houses .

Today, there was a meeting in presence of Industries Minister Subhash Desai in the Mantralaya. Managing Director of Marketing Corporation, Navin Sona, representatives of Farmers’ Production Company, Vikas Shinde, Yogesh Thorat, Dr. Hanumant Wadekar, officials of Marketing Department and representatives of the farmers’ companies were present on the occasion.

Warehouses are available of different corporations in the state but it is needed to improve their condition. Therefore, a decision will be taken about distribution of nearby APMCs ware houses or co-operative warehouses to farmers as per their convenience , Shree Deshmukh said.

1700 Farmers’ Production companies have been formed in the state. They have been demanding empty warehouses in government control for the storage of farming produces. If this demand is met, it will help Farmers’ Production Companies to start the industry actually, Shree Deshmukh said.