Kabul Taliban attack: Death toll rises to 103

Kabul: The death toll in Saturday’s suicide bombing in Afghan capital, Kabul has risen to 103 and at least 235 people were injured in the attack, police offficials said.

Police in Kabul said the explosion occurred near the entrance to the government’s former Interior Ministry building.

The attacker was driving an ambulance which was claimed by the Taliban. The bomb had been planted in an ambulance in an area close to the European Union office and High Peace Council buildings. The two ambulance involved in the attack were stopped at by police but it managed to get through the checkpoint.

According to eyewitnesses the area home to foreign embassies and the city’s police headquarters was crowded with people when the bomb exploded at about 12:15 local time on Saturday. Plumes of smoke were seen from around the city.

As per reports, several police officer had died and been injured in the bombing. Four people have been arrested in connection with the bombing.