Jung told Modi he wanted to quit

Jung told Modi

New Delhi: A day after he resigned, Delhi’s Lt Governor Najeeb Jung revealed on Friday that he had offered to quit twice earlier but was told by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to carry on.

Dismissing speculation that he was under pressure to exit, Jung told NDTV channel that there was no politics behind his sudden move.

“I had offered to resign as I had been appointed by the previous UPA government but the Prime Minister asked me to carry on. After three years, I requested the PM to relieve me but he asked me to carry on.

“After three-and-a-half years, I requested the Prime Minister again on Tuesday that I would like to resign on personal grounds but he said carry on,” he added.

Jung said this time he insisted on resigning — on personal grounds.

The Lt Governor spoke to NDTV after meeting Modi.