Is a desperate Sanjay Raut damaging Sena for his selfish goal?

Sanjay Raut

A defensive Shiv Sena leader and party spokesman Sanjay Raut now desperately engaged party workers to put up banners and posters in several places in Mumbai in support of the Sena leader after the ED issued summons to his wife Varsha Raut allegedly in connection with the PMC Bank scam.

Raut who could not able to convince the journalists that why his wife failed to repay the amount, now is being playing the “dirty politics” and slammed BJP for the development. His party supporters slammed BJP in the posters, calling ED a puppet of the BJP what exactly he had said in the press conference yesterday. One such poster said the Shiv Sena respects ED even if ED supports BJP; the poster also had a large photo of Sanjay Raut. The posters also questioned whether ED had set up a cabin in BJP office.

Its unfortunate that a law-maker who is also an editor of a newspaper is questioning the legal action of a reputed central agency and in that period when the organisation had taken an action against his wife whose deal with the bank was questionable.

These posters and banners were put up on Tuesday morning. Meanwhile, Varsha Raut has sought more time to appear before the ED. People are eager to know about the replies of Varsha Raut.

The Sena and particularly Raut said that ED is being used by BJP to target Sena and its detractors. It means Varsha Raut didn’t take the money from the PMC Bank? If so, Raut should clarify it and approach the court against the ED for harassing him and his family.

As matter is “black and white” and the truth was known by Raut, hence the politics of vendetta was launched by the Sena leader against the BJP with an intention that he and his family were targeted because he had opposed the BJP and was instrumental for the formation of an alternative government with the help of NCP and Congress in Maharashtra.

The ED wants to question Varsha Raut with regard to a loan of about Rs 55 lakh she had taken from the wife of a person who is accused in the PMC Bank alleged fraud case. Saying that the ED generally takes up cases where the minimum amount involved is Rs 100 crore, Raut said, “Looks like there is no other issue before the country so such an old case has been brought up.

Is Raut trying to say that the corruption of Rs 55-lakh meagre and hence there should not be any action from the central agency?

Is a desperate Raut damaging his party by launching such “silly” activities with his supporters? These activities would rather damage the party instead of gaining sympathy from public.