Group clash between NCP and Shiv Sena at Bhiwandi

Clash between NCP & Shivsena

Mumbai : All is not well within the Maha-Vikas-Aghadi partners as clashes between the Shiv Sena and the NCP workers in the election office were reported from Bhiwandi over the use of unauthorised banners.

According to available information, the NCP district president went to lodge a complaint at the election office against the unauthorised display of banners of the Sena’s candidate. Following an argument, a fierce fight took place between the two groups.

It was said that Ganesh Gulvi of the NCP, opposed the display of banners of Sena candidate Praveen Gulvi, following which a clash erupted between the party workers. A video of the incident shows the two sides hurling abuses and attacking each other with chairs in the election office at Bhiwandi.

The group clash between the two partners of MVA has added to speculations that all is not well between the alliances partners of the Uddhav Thackeray government. On the other hand, the Bhiwandi Election Commission Dr Sunil Bhalerao lodged a complaint against both the groups for obstructing government work and the local Shantinagar police station has registered a case where investigation in underway.

The political observers here feel that the entire matter was not just related to unauthorised banners but it also showed frustration in both the parties to win the election. The Sena and NCP have been at loggerheads with each other over Bhiwandi Municipal Corporation for a long time.