Gram Panchayat polls : Sena should introspect itself instead of spitting venom against BJP

Gram Panchayat Polls - Shiv Sena - BJP

Even after the Shiv Sena was pushed down to third place with 2,808 seats in just concluded gram panchayat elections in Maharashtra, its arrogance continues!

The Uddhav Thackeray-led party is still not ready to concede the fact that BJP emerged as the single largest party in the gram panchayat elections by bagging 3,263, virtually 700 seats more than the Sena. In the elections, the NCP stood second after BJP by obtaining 2,999 seats.

However, the Sena on Tuesday said the people of Maharashtra had favoured them in the gram panchayat elections, results of which were declared on Monday. Taking a dig at the BJP in the party’s mouthpiece ‘Saamana’, even said a “political revolution” cannot be staged in the state using the central probe agencies. The BJP should accept the public mandate favouring the MVA, or else, people of the state will further rout that party, the Sena said.

Most surprising fact is that the BJP emerged as the single largest party despite the ruling alliance partners, the Sena, NCP and Congress fought the elections unitedly against the BJP. Though, the elections are not fought on party symbols, but panels are fielded by political parties or local leaders. The ruling MVA — comprising the Shiv Sena, NCP and Congress — on Monday claimed a “huge win” in the Gram Panchayat elections, while the opposition BJP said it had come out stronger in the elections.

However, the figures provided by the media on Tuesday are revealing as the Sena was pushed to the third place in the election despite it had an alliance with the NCP and the Congress against the BJP in local polls.

The Sena claimed the Thackeray government was addressing people’s problems and the state’s development has gained momentum on its watch. All the MVA constituents have put up an emphatic show in the gram panchayat polls. What else is this if not a mandate favouring the Thackeray government in the state, the Sena asked and claimed that the Gram Panchayat polls have conveyed the people’s mandate.

The Sena continued with its arrogant tune that “accept the poll results” or the people of Maharashtra won’t keep quiet till they further rout the BJP. A political revolution cannot be staged in Maharashtra with the help of ‘workers’ in the enforcement directorate, CBI and income tax, it added.

The Sena is not still accepting the harsh reality and facts provided by the neutral agencies, like media about the results. The ruling Sena remained in third place after an alliance with two major parties, Congress and NCP in the panchayat elections as it was during the 2019 Assembly elections. In 2019 Assembly elections BJP emerged as the single largest party while NCP as number two and Sena was pushed down to third position after an alliance with the BJP. There is a need for Sena to introspect itself instead of ‘spitting venom’ against the BJP!

** M Charulata