Five run over by train, woman and daughter missing

Dhule: Five persons were run over by Surat-Bhusawal Express train on Saturday night. All the deceased belonged to Mahalsar (taluka Shindkheda). The incident took place near Holgaon just some distance away from Nardana railway station.

Among the deceased included a woman and her small daughter who are missing. The other deceased persons have been identified as Pinti Asaram Bhil, 35, Shivdas Bhil 21, elder brother Bhil 18. The missing ones are Vithabai Pintu Bhil, 25, and Akkabai Pintu Bhil. Their bodies could not be found. It is yet to be known what they doing on the railway track till late night.

The Prerna Express which came from Bhusawal passed through Nardana railway station
At 7.22 pm. Just a few kms away from Nardana near Holgaon these persons were crushed under the train. When the motormen came to know they informed the railway police station. The bodies were recovered late at night. Nardana police station employees and the people of Nardana are searching for Vithabai Pintu Bhil and Akkabai Pintu Bhil.