Farmers to protest against center from June 1: Kisan Mahasangh

Wardha: The Rashtriya Kisan Mahasangh, a farmers organisations, said it would held a nation-wide Bharat bandh from June 1 till June 10. This decision was taken at the National Farmer’s Federation meeting in Sevagram on Wednesday.

The farmers of 22 states will be on strike from 1st to 10th June, while in 128 cities, declared to stop the supply of farm products such as vegetables, grains and milk to cities across the country for 10 days from June 1 in protest against what it called the anti-farmer policies of the Central government.

They also claimed that though the government had promised a minimum support price (MSP) that was to be 50 per cent higher than the cost of production, farmers were yet to receive the higher prices.

This meeting was held under the chairmanship of Sandipaba Gidde Patil, member of the Mahasangh Core Committee. In this meeting, Shivkumar Sharma, Gurjam Chandu, Dr. Budhajirao Mullik, Santbir Singh, Suresh Kauch, Rajkumar Gupta, Ranjit Raju, Mahesh Singh, Abhimanyu Kohad, Laxman Bangye, Srikanth Taral, KB. 130 delegates from 22 states were present along with Biju, Pradeep Nagpur, Kamal Sawant, Shankar Darekar, Satish Kanwade, Vijay Kakade, Raju Zebier and Pradeep Bilore.

It is to be noted that there is no waste of grains and vegetables during this movement. All villages and cities have been allowed to sell grains and vegetables except for the fixed cities. These agitations will be in peace with the entire country and if the government tried to stop this movement and any kind of violence would have spread in this movement then it would be the only government responsible, so that Sandipaba Patil, a member of the core committee of the Federation, said to them.

The farmers’ organisations demanded that the MSP be increased to the cost of production plus 50 per cent and a complete loan waiver from the government.

The farmers also urged traders’ organisations to support their June 10 Bharat bandh.

Earlier, the farmers have had staged long march in Maharashtra for various demands.