Farmers to get information about market rates on mobile Free app available on Google Play Store – Ram Shinde

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Mumbai : Maharashtra State Agriculture Board has developed an app to easily provide information on farmer-suited schemes and daily market rates. Marketing Minister Prof. Ram Shinde gave the information that farmers are able to easily get market-related updated through this app.

Shri. Shinde said, nowadays most things are done through mobile. Any information is available on a single click. A mobile app is developed to provide farmers easy comprehensive information of various projects started by Maharashtra State Agriculture Board, schemes, initiatives, market rates, and market committees.

Farmers are provided all information regarding daily agriculture produce import & export between Maharashtra and other states’ market committees, market rates, information of farmer producer companies, farmers’ weekly markets, magazine- Krishi Panan Mitra, horticulture export training, seasonal technological institutes, etc.

All market committees can fill daily imported agriculture produce imported and markets rates in their area. That way comprehensive information on market rates of all market committees becomes available. A facility is provided in this app to publish information regarding seller, his agriculture produce, and buyer to direct buy or sell agriculture produce. The Agriculture Marketing Board has provided a user guide in this app.
Shri. Shinde also told that Maharashtra State Agriculture Board’s app MSAMB is available on Google Play Store. This free app is available in both Marathi and English language.