Farmers form new “Sukanu” committee

Nashik: A new Sukanu committee of farmers has been appointed to decide the further steps and decisions of farmers’ strike in the state. This committee comprises 21 people.

This committee is form under the guidance of senior farmer leader Sharad Joshi. Therefore, once again, all the farmers leaders have come together in order to fight for their rights. Giridhar Patil, agriculture economist gave the information about the establishment of this Sukanu committee.

He said that there is no involvement of any political party in the farmers’ strike therefore any kind of non-violent movement will not be created from this strike. Also, some people will be included in this committee.

The names of the members of the committee are, Raju Shetty, Ajit Navale, Raghunathdada Patil, Santosh Wadekar, Sanjay Patil, Bachu Kadu, Vijay Javandiya, Raju Desale, Ganesh Kaka Jagtap Chandrakant Bankar, Ekanath Bane, Shivaji Nana Nanikhile, Dr. Budhajirao Mulik, Dr. Giridhar Patil, Ganesh Kadam, Karan Gaykar Hansraj Wadghule, Anil Dhada.