Fadnavis warns CM Thackeray to concern on Maratha protest instead of Delhi farm stir

Devendra Fadnavis & Uddhav Thackeray

The Opposition leader, Devendra Fadnavis on Monday attacked on the chief minister Uddhav Thackeray in the state Assembly and asked him to first speak about farmers in his own state instead of expressing concern over the farm-agitation in Delhi.

Lashing out at the style of functioning of the Maharashtra government, Fadnavis pointed out that protesters are being beaten up in their homes here and the state government is talking of protesters’ rights in Delhi and calling it an emergency situation.

The chief minister Thackeray on Sunday had hit out at Fadnavis for his “undeclared Emergency in the state” remarks. “If there is an undeclared Emergency in Maharashtra, then is there a declared Emergency in the rest of the country given the manner in which the protesting farmers are being targeted on the outskirts of Delhi, Thackeray had asked.

The opposition leader condemned the state government for expressing their interest to support the on-going farmer agitation and pointed at the indifference of the state government to resolve the issue of Maratha protestors being thrashed in the state. Maratha protestors are being thrashed in their homes and the state government is talking about the rights of protesters in Delhi, who are agitating against the new farm laws, he pointed out.

The CM Thackeray on Sunday had questioned whether pouring water on farmers in cold weather is a sign of harmony. He had also slammed the BJP government for calling protesting farmers “anti-national”. “The BJP should decide whether protesters have support from Pakistan, China or Maoists. You bring sugar and onions from Pakistan. Now farmers are also coming from Pakistan,” the Shiv Sena leader had mocked. The remarks from both the political leaders come amid on-going protests in Delhi where thousands of farmers, majority of them from Haryana and Punjab, have gathered in and around the borders of the national capital to protest against the three farm laws.

The representatives of union government, including the Agriculture minister Narendra Singh Tomar and leaders of farmers’ unions have held as many as five rounds of talks to resolve the issues but they all have been inconclusive.

“The Chief Minister must speak about Maharashtra first instead of commenting on the protest going on in Delhi. Maratha protesters are being beaten up in their homes and the government is talking about the rights of protesters in Delhi,” said Fadnavis. He further said the state government is trying to run away from the discussions in the legislature as well. “First the government ran away from farmers’ issue and the later from Maratha issue,” he added.

The state BJP legislators also held a protest outside the state Assembly today, over various issues including Maratha reservation, inflated power bills and compensation to farmers after the recent floods and heavy rain.