Driving licence to be linked with Adhaar card

New Delhi: After linking mobile number, Bank acount number and PAN, now Union Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad announced today that the government is now planning to link driving licence with Aadhaar card so as to curb the people from having multiple driving licence on same name.

Prasad, while speaking at Digital Haryana Summit 2017, said “Aadhaar is a digital identity not a physical identity. Digital identity confirms physical identity. We linked PAN card to Aadhaar to stop money laundering.”

It should be noted that linking Aadhaar card to the driver’s licence will enable the government to maintain a centralised database (known as Sarathi). Prasad said that he had a word with Road transport minister Nitin Gadkari regarding the matter and will soon introduce it to the people.

This linking will be heplful to Regional Transport Offices (RTO) from all over the country to log on and instantly check whether the applicant of a driver’s licence has another one in any other part of the country.