Double standard of MVA govt exposed: Rape accused NCP leader was not arrested

MVA & Mehboob Ibrahim Sheikh

What has gone wrong with the Uddhav Thackeray government that adopted the Disha act this month in the state Assembly which provides for strict punishments, including the death sentence for the rapists, however, are now protecting a rape accused. The state NCP youth wing chief Mehboob Ibrahim Sheikh was booked by Aurangabad police for raping a young woman. But, he was not arrested in the name of interrogation and investigation by the police, so far.

Why the state police are sitting quietly while the accused was freely moving here and there? It seems state’s fortune has been changed since the new coalition government has assumed power. There are multiple issues with policies, law and order has been collapsed, citizens have been attacked by Shiv Sena “goons,” Hindu Saints have been killed mercilessly. However, no concrete action was initiated against the culprits!

A 29-year-old girl from Baijipura in Aurangabad, who works as a private tutor, has reported that the NCP leader has abused her by offering her a job. A complaint has been lodged with the CIDCO police station at Aurangabad city. However, the youth was not arrested so far as the NCP holds the Home portfolio in the state!

According to preliminary reports, the victim woman from Aurangabad has completed her education up to BEd. She takes home tuition. Somehow she had an interaction with the NCP youth leader Mehboob, who offered her a good job in Mumbai.

The girl has stated that on 14th November, she was called in front of Hotel Ramgiri on Jalna Road by Mehboob Sheikh for going to Mumbai. When he reached in front of Ramgiri Hotel around 9 pm, Mehboob was standing there with his car. He took the girl to an isolated place and molested her.

A humiliated and enraged woman lodged a complaint with the local police against the NCP youth leader and sought an appropriate action from the state police. Instead of taking an action, a campaign is being launched on social media in support of the accused who have been charged. An attempt is also being made to put pressure on the victim, her family and even the police so that NCP youth leader should get a safe passage.

Surprisingly, vocal on women issues in Parliament, Supriya Sule, who belongs to NCP, is keeping mum on the issue. Neither her party took an action against Mehboob. Now at least the chief minister Thackeray and the home minister Anil Deshmukh should intervene into the matter and ensure that the new Disha Act implement in a proper manner !

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M Charulata