Dogfight between BJP and Sena over electoral alliance


Joseph Rao
The dogfight between BJP and Shiv Sena over the pre-poll alliance before the Lok Sabha elections due in immediate future is becoming interesting day by day and the final word from either side should come soon but the only question is who will take the lead to
break the alliance.

Talks of uncertainty of pre-poll alliance is doing the rounds in political circles for quite some time Inded Sena has in very clear terms have repeatedly said that they will fight elections on their own and no possibility of any electoral alliance.But since Sena is partner in BJP led Government in Maharashtra, no one took them seriously in political circles and the BJP too had doubts over their stance. Now picture which was hazy till recently was getting clear as BJP National president made a surprising statement that if Sena does not come to terms, BJP will floor them on the political scenario.He advised the party workers to prepare themselves to fight alone the forthcoming elections.
After Amit Shah’s outburst, the Sena took head on.

Sena reacted sharply and said they will indeed outplay BJP and show our power.A number of Sena leaders right from their fiery leader Sanjay Raut, Neelam Gorhe, Diwakar Raute and others came out with statements to counter attack Amit Shah.
Well, it seems both the parties have started their preparations already. Sena executive president Uddhav Thackeray will be embarking upon a state wide tour to assess the drought situation. But everyone knows, it is not just drought, he would be meeting farmers across the State to exploit the situation favourable to Sena in the wake of no