Diesel tanker rams into electric poll, driver burned to death

Jalna: In a terrific accident, On Jalna-Aurangabad highway on Tuesday morning, the driver lost control over the fuel tanker after the tyres of vehicle and the tanker rams into an a electric poll. Due to the the collision fire was broke out, the fire was so fierce that the tanker driver died in the cabin of the vehicle, and one injured in the accident. The name of the deceased was Ramkisan Fad.

According to the information, around 2 a.m. this diesel tanker was going towards Nanded via Manmad. Only after the tanker broke the tire, the driver got out of control on the car and the tanker filled with diesel collided with the electric column. And due to sparking, there was a fire in the tanker. The tanker driver died after burning in the cabin and a young man sitting with the driver was seriously injured.

After getting information Jalna Aurangabad’s three fire brigade vehicles were rushed to the spot and extinguished the fire. In this case, accidental death was registered at Chandanzira police station.