Demonetisation : Cake makers face cash crunch

Mumbai: The demonetisation has made its impact on cake makers too.Now the home cake makers are feeling its pressure on the preparations for Christmas.

With a little over three weeks before the day, home cake makers who are in the business of making traditional and festive cakes find it hard with no funds on hand since most buying requires cash.

With the steep rise in prices, orders are drying up and many wonder if it makes sense to continue the tradition.

Nikita Thomas, a Vashi cake maker said that the prices of dry fruits have shot up, making it hard to ensure profits and orders for Christmas cakes are few, and if it is not feasible it is not worth the effort.

Natasha Miranda, another cake maker from Vashi added that people are cautious about spending and they are keeping their money for any emergency or other expenses. Making confectionery takes effort and is a tedious job. And this year no one is up to it.

But making confectionery is not the only aspect of Christmas that is affected. While the decorations are out and the trees are on display, sales stay sluggish. The cash crunch is certainly being felt as Christmas paraphernalia is far from enticing this year. Most places are wary of bringing in new stock.

While store owners are hoping that business will pick up, they are being equally cautious about pricing as well.